Integrated Laboratory Solutions that Inspire and Support Innovation

The Flotek Research and Innovation Center, a futuristic 55,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Houston near Flotek’s corporate headquarters, is more than a state-of-the-art technical building.  It’s a facility for thinking outside the box. From entrance to exit, the Center is fully equipped for imagining, planning, and testing chemical concepts to maximize productive value from oil and gas assets.

Visualizing Nano-scale Innovation

Energy Architects worked with Flotek to create an environment that reflects and encourages the spirit of innovation for which the company is known—a facility that will be home to the one of the most progressive chemistry efforts in the energy industry.  Collaboration between Flotek research professionals, their clients and academicians from leading universities is key to finding practical solutions to tough energy production challenges, and the new facility was designed to showcase this effort.

Flotek’s dedication to environmentally responsive solutions includes the use of citrus formulas resulting from decades of research. This commitment is dramatically illustrated at the facility by a skylight-lit grove of live orange trees in the entrance corridor.  Visitors are invited to tour the facility through an interactive corridor featuring full-emersion video presentations describing the unique history and processes of the products and chemistries developed by the company’s research and development.

R&D is the Centerpiece of the New Facility

The facility’s Command Center, an ultra-modern interactive presentation gallery, is a unique showcase for Flotek’s research results and the work achieved in the laboratories. Situated behind an all-glass wall in the center of the lab environment, the Command Center is fitted with stepped seating to provide a panoramic view of the lab environment.  Guests are introduced to the processes and technical components of the lab from the Command Center through live interactive demonstrations by lab technicians working at the bench top.

Among advanced Flotek projects are remediation and re-stimulation of existing wells utilizing CnF chemistry and those based on innovative SCI technology.

The 21,000 sq.ft. laboratory area includes two conference rooms and 14 closed laboratories with 9 ft. ceilings and eleven with 14 ft. ceilings. Two dozen unique workstations offer ideal space for teamwork, with additional small-group spaces and boardrooms for larger groups and a range of quality amenities from flat-screen TVs to break rooms and kitchens.

Build-out of the laboratory area will be completed by Q1 2016.

Tour the facility (link)

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