The new facility combines Pressure Pumping, Drilling Services, Wireline, Completions, Bits, Chemicals and area management groups. In addition to the office building and workshop, this 161,000 SF facility consists of chemicals and electronics laboratories, training, vehicle maintenance, pressure testing, truck fueling, truck washing, acid blending and storage, indoor and outdoor chemical storage, cement mixing and storage, spooling, welding, radioactive calibration, gun loading and explosives storage, pump testing, gel mixing, bulk sand storage and distribution (silos & warehousing), rail access and truck scales.

The renovation of the existing Pressure Pumping laboratory was intended to provide an overall “refresh” to the existing building and repair key infrastructure problems: poor pressurization, cross-contamination and the lack of a fume hood exhaust system.  New deck-high walls, segregation of supply and return ducts, positive pressure and re-routing of existing gas lines are just some of the solutions that Energy provided.