Regional Chemical Laboratory

In 2007 Energy Architecture was commissioned to review an operational chemical blending and distribution facility in Kilgore, TX. The existing facility had been in use for over 60 years and is one of the largest producing plants for Baker Hughes in the US. After extensive review and dozens of design options with the client it was determined that the plant needed to be significantly renovated all while staying in operation.

The project which was phased, started with a new 14,000 SF office & laboratory building which included a 5,500 SF laboratory with self contained lab rooms, lab support, samples storage and samples S/R. Also included in this building was reception, office & office support, conference rooms, HD storage, campus wide break room, drivers stations and the facilities locker rooms. Included in the initial phase was truck parking and a 4 acre contained concrete chemical yard. The following phases included renovations to the existing chemical blending facility and an in plant samples laboratory.

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