The western hemisphere education center is a one of a kind learning facility established by a fortune 200 company to consolidate all of their training and education needs into a single integrated facility. Both employees and customers can take advantage of multiple methods for learning about new products and improving proficiencies in established technologies across all seven of their product lines. The education center houses 16 theory classrooms, 11 advanced collaboration classrooms, training laboratories, multiple simulation rooms, 6 applied classrooms, and a one of a kind hands-on training yard. In addition, students are exposed to a highly collaborative environment which fosters cross-fertilization of ideas through informal interaction around competition, game playing, and technology interface.

While currently planned for up to 600 students, the project was designed for future classroom expansion as well as the addition of a conferencing center and accommodations building. In expectation of these, a pedestrian circulation axis was established running North from the main entry and outdoor landscaped courtyard. This space is activated via the cafeteria’s outdoor seating, a decorative fountain, and the frequent passage of students between the main classroom building and applied training buildings.

The new Western Hemisphere Education Center is the first step in creating a truly world class training facility that will keep Baker Hughes employees and customers on the cutting edge of technology and information within their industry.