Texas A&M University Texas Transportation Institute

College Station, TX

Texas A&M Center for Infrastructure Renewal

College Station, TX

Rice University Brockman Hall Laboratory

Houston, TX

Howco Corporate Headquarters

Eastern Hemisphere Education Center

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

School of the Woods High School

Rice University Projects

Houston, Texas

Natural Sciences Administrative Suite

Rice University

Jungman Neighborhood Library

Houston, Texas

Oak Forest Neighborhood Library

Houston, TX

Western Hemisphere Education Center

Tomball, Texas

Western Hemisphere Research & Technology Center

Rio De Janero, Brazil

There Is No Substitute for Experienced and Educated Staff

Employers are tasked with training their employees to improve performance, quality, boost employee satisfaction, and maintain a safe workplace. At Energy Architecture, we work closely with your team to create cutting edge training facilities, preparing your people for real world situations, strengthening their skills, and bringing them home from work safely.

Incorporating the latest technologies, we’ve helped our clients build innovative classrooms and collaboration areas. We’ve complemented that with intense hands-on learning spaces, like workshops, laboratories, and field simulators that incorporate real equipment. We’ve also built the public spaces that encourage collaboration and connections outside of the classroom.

training and education experience