Hourly Projects This information allows Energy to set up the project, account for our hours and costs, bill the client correctly and helps them to pay us on time.

Client’s Approval to Proceed: We must receive at least an emailed notice to proceed from client representative with authority to hire us.

    Submitted By: email:
      (e.g. Baker Hughes, Weatherford, City of Houston)
    New Clients need additional information - get directly with Melissa
    Project Name:
      (e.g Valves Manufacturing Addition, New Abu Dhabi Base)
    Project Location:
      (e.g.: Houston, Texas, Emmott Road; Denver, Colorado, Manville Plaza; Singapore, Singapore, Gul Road Plant)
      (e.g.: 2777 Allen Parkway, Suite 460, Houston, TX; 3901 Fanucchi Way, Shafter, CA)
    Client User Group:
      (e.g. Completions, Wireline, Region Office, Industrial Chemicals)
      (e.g. new oilfield services base, new office building, additional chemicals containment, office test fit)
    Primary Client Contact:
      (e.g. Real Estate / Construction Manager -- who asked us to do this work? Who's authorized the possible expenditure?)
    Primary User Contact:
      (e.g. User Contact -- Local Completions Manager, Wireline District Engineer, Industrial Chemicals Lab Supervisor)
    Initiation Date(s):
    Senior Project Manager:
    Contract Type:
    Additional Notes: