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The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, Hobby Building: 333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-350, Austin Texas 78701; (512) 305-9000; has jurisdiction over complaints regarding the professional practices of persons registered as architects in Texas. Energy Architecture is represented by the following professionals:

James M. Evans, AIA  |  Principal – Texas Registration # 18161, Louisiana Registration # 7430, Ohio Registration # 1215524, Pennsylvania Registration #RA405730, Wyoming Registration # C-2751, North Dakota Registration # 2267

James L. Ray, AIA | Principal – Texas Registration # 14375

Todd Arenz, AIA – Texas Registration # 18478

Ruben DeLao, AIA – Texas Registration # 21371, Ohio Registration # 1215504, Pennsylvania Registration # RA405710, Wyoming registration # C-2742, North Dakota Registration # 2260, Oklahoma Registration #a6038, West Virginia Registration #4378, New Mexico Registration # 5110

Stuart Smith, AIA  – Texas Registration # 21373

Amanda Smith, AIA – Wisconsin Registration # 11434-5